Taiyo Flour Milling Co., Ltd.




We are the first in Japan to incorporate peeling into the flour production process. This has resulted in much cleaner, de-hulled wheat which produces purer flours.


Our products have been certified as compliant with international standards as set by the International Organization for Standardization.



衛生重視の完全オートメーション体制。 万全の品質管理のもとで稼働しています。

Our Milling Department was established after the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries of Japan gave us designation as a feed-use wheat processing factory (bran specialization factory) in April of 1958.
While 23 factories have been designated as bran specialization factories nationwide, we were the only factory to receive this designation in the Kyushu region and ever since have been providing high-quality "Senkan (government-controlled)" bran, a product in which consumers have great confidence and view with favor.
When the Senkan bran production programs were abolished in March 2003, we immediately developed our own "Super Senkan," an alternative feed product that has inherited the same customer trust and ever since has received the same warm support.
In addition, using quality raw wheat from the United States, Australia and Canada, combined with our tested and proven experience and know-how, high-quality flour is produced at our milling factory.
Our flour is used by well-known brands and renowned Kyushu companies as the base ingredient for instant/artisan ramen noodles, hand-kneaded wheat noodles, breads and bread crumbs.