Taiyo Flour Milling Co., Ltd.

corporate philosophy



大陽製粉は障害者の自立を 全社をあげて支援しています。


A society where those with vulnerabilities can live with hope.
Building a society in which people support each other is a corporate responsibility.

Colony Unzen is a general welfare institution that contains residential facilities, factory facilities and service centers for persons with a disability while the Nagasaki Vocational Capability Development Center is a training center that conducts 2-year vocational training programs from which a large number of trainees graduated.
The Nagasaki Vocational Capability Development Center is the first Third-Sector partnership between the national government and private sectors and offers noodle production and livestock industry vocational training programs, which have been supported by Taiyo Flour Milling Co., Ltd.
In continued cooperation with Colony Unzen and Nagasaki Vocational Capability Development Center, and through employment opportunities, Taiyo Flour Milling Co., Ltd. continues to be part of the community focus on the needs of others and of making a contribution to the creation of a society in which a great number of people can live in happiness.


新世紀にふさわしい企業へ 大陽製粉はさらによりよい「食」をご提供します。

 In May of 1943, our company started as Yame Barley Processing Ltd. in the former county of Yame. Later on, our name was changed to Yame Foods Co., Ltd. and then finally, in August of 1960, to Taiyo Flour Milling Co., Ltd. During this period, we went through both favorable and challenging times; we faced challenges such as our factory burning down and having to be re-built, enjoyed business diversification and then faced with having to make cutbacks and strategic moves to new business areas. An earlier company goal of relocating the head office/factory to the Port of Hakata, which was also a long-held dream of Founder and President Kano, was realized in March of 1979.

While we have adapted to the changing times, we continue to provide our four main products and services of milling, feed, warehouse silo and food items.
n the Milling Department, equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, we manufacture and offer for sale high-quality flour and its bran byproduct (our industry-first "Super Senkan") according to our customer's needs and intended uses. In addition, we focus on safe and secure food production as well as on meeting the needs of the community by providing a wide range of flour products including stone-ground, rye and buckwheat flours.
In the Feed Department, we meet the needs of livestock producers through sales of animal feed grains.

In this constantly changing world, we remain focused on the safe and secure production of food, on expanding community-based enterprises while keeping our flexibility and on developing unique products that cannot be found with any other company. We aim to pass on to the next generation the vision and virtues inherited from those who came before us by making further advances and improvements with fresh resolution.
We hope that we can continue to earn your ongoing support and encouragement.

大陽製粉株式会社 代表取締役社長 古賀脩平